6 Best Window Treatments in Spartanburg for French Doors
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These Are the 6 Most Beautiful Window Treatments in Spartanburg for French Doors

French doors are a good approach to add more natural light into your residence. Contemporary styles offer more personalization than ever before, including larger panes of glass, sliding panels and multi-panel options.

In the past, French doors were typically covered with scrunched curtains or mini blinds. These fashions are out of style and can be challenging to keep clean, particularly if they’re curtains. Curtains also may not work the best if your doors slide or have multiple panels that stack accordion style when open.

When you work with a window treatment professional like Louver Shop of Western Carolina, you can provide your French doors the contemporary look they deserve. We’re here to give our suggestions from start to finish, from free consultation to pro installation.

Here are a couple of our most wanted window treatments in Spartanburg for French doors.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a handy solution for French doors.

You can totally customize yours with the support of a window treatment professional from Louver Shop of Western Carolina. From material to stain to louver size, your plantation shutters will look identical to how you imagined them.

Wood plantation shutters are a great style if your French doors don’t get a lot of sunlight or heat. Add a statement piece with our head-turning Signature plantation shutters. These shutters have a beveled architectural enhancement on the louvers and tilt bar.

If your French doors are in a sunny or humid room, we advise our LouverWood® plantation shutters. The faux wood shutters are built from a thick polymer that resists bright sunlight and high humidity without warping, fading or flaking.

This material also offers great insulation capabilities, which are up to three times better than wood. That’s a reduction you may be able to realize on your energy costs no matter the weather!

We custom build all our plantation shutters here in the USA, so you can choose all the details you are looking for. This includes cutouts for doorknobs and track frames, if you’d like the opportunity to be able to shift your shutters to the side.


Here are four of our most wanted custom shades for French doors.

Duette® honeycomb shades can help you spend less on heating and cooling costs. Since the majority of your home’s energy is lost at the windows, these shades have insulating pockets for insulation and temperature control. Duette is a versatile shade that can be used across your home, from skylights to specially shaped windows. Create these shades just like you want them with smart home automation, designer fabrics and room-darkening capabilities.

Provenance® shades are an excellent way to add an earthy look to your rooms. These shades are created from real woods, reeds, grasses and bamboo. They can be customized in three styles—Roman, waterfall Roman and vertical—so you can make a matching appearance all over your house. And they’re made with premium weaving methods to provide durability and beauty for years. Personalize yours with smart home automation, room-darkening liners and decorative options like edge banding or valances.

Silhouette® shades beautifully blend the appearance of curtains with the usefulness of blinds. These shades feature S-shaped vanes that hang between two layers of fabric. The vanes can be regulated for privacy and light control, while the fabric turns bright sunlight into a soft glow. You can pick from custom options like smart home automation to open and close your shades, a room-darkening roller shade and designer fabrics.

Solera® shades combine the best features of Roman shades and honeycomb shades. The result is a gorgeous window treatment that can help keep your home comfier, no matter the temperature outdoors. Select from a collection of light-filtering to room-darkening fabrics, from woven to patterned and textured. You can also make raising and lowering your shades even faster by adding PowerView® automation, which gives you the option to move your shades with a tap of your phone.

Create the Right Window Treatments for Your French Doors with Louver Shop of Western Carolina

When you collaborate with Louver Shop of Western Carolina, you’ll be teamed up with a local design consultant who will make creating your new window treatments fast. We’ll begin with a free consultation, which includes reviewing styles, professional measurements and a Louver Shop Complete Comfort Pricing™ quote. There’s never any obligation. Then, we’ll finish up our services with pro installation. Ready to get started? Contact us at 888-428-1415 today to schedule your free consultation today.