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Honeycomb Shades vs. Plantation Shutters: Whats Best for My Home?

The ideal window treatments can do more than simply make your residence look beautiful. They’re also a fantastic way to keep out bright sunlight and enhance energy efficiency. Both honeycomb shades and plantation shutters can achieve this. But it’s important to know the differences between the two so you can make the best decision for your rooms.

What Are Honeycomb Shades?

Honeycomb shades are a drape-like shade. These shades get their name from the honeycomb-shaped chambers that trap air at the glass to prevent energy loss. Depending on the shades you choose, they may have anywhere from three to five insulating air pockets. This helps them stop heat during the summer and cold during the winter.

When it deals with energy efficiency, Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades are a great choice. That’s because they’re also highly customizable, from fabric to colors and operating systems. With as many as six layers of fabric and five insulating air pockets, Duette® Honeycomb Shades are the most energy-efficient honeycomb window shades on the market.

Make your residence more comfortable by selecting options for your Duette shades like:

  • LightLock™, which provides complete room darkening, turning your window treatments into blackout honeycomb shades.
  • Duolite®, which has an all-in-one light-diffusing sheer and room-darkening panel.
  • IllumiCell™, which diffuses natural light to highlight fabric texture.
  • Trielle™, which has 20% greater energy efficiency with six layers of fabric, five insulating pockets and the biggest pleat size.

If you’re wanting a more cost-effective option, there’s Hunter Douglas Applause® Honeycomb Shades. These best-selling shades include triple-cell insulating air pockets to keep your residence cozier. As top-down bottom-up honeycomb shades, you can adjust them to permit in as much or as little light as you need. And like Duette, they come in a complete assortment of fabrics, textures and colors to complement your décor.

Both styles can be customized as cordless honeycomb shades to provide added safety to households with young children and pets. For the ultimate in uncomplicated operation, there’s PowerView®. With just a couple of taps on your phone, you can raise, lower or schedule your shades to move.

What Are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters come with generous louvers and are hung inside the window frame. Some styles are moved with a tilt bar while others hide the bar from sight. The best plantation shutters are made from furniture-grade basswood or high-quality polymer. They’re considered the gold standard for window treatments due to their ageless style, superior light control and great energy efficiency.

There are three main styles of shutters: wood plantation shutters, faux wood plantation shutters, and a hybrid with wood frames and polymer louvers.

Wood shutters are the most atypical type. Louver Shop of Western Carolina manufactures ours from high-quality American hardwoods. Because of this, they’re incredibly durable and light. This makes them an excellent solution for big windows.

Faux wood plantation shutters are the most energy efficient, up to three times better than wood. Ours are made from a solid proprietary polymer that withstands tough conditions without cracking or discoloring. This makes them a great option for areas with moisture, like bathrooms, or strong sun, like a sunroom.

Our shutters also feature:

  • Customization choices, from color to louver width and frame type.
  • Durable, nontoxic paints and stains that are safe for your family and the environment.
  • A guarantee against cracking, peeling, fading and discoloring.
  • Heavy-duty staples and our patented DuraGlide™ Tensioning System that’s guaranteed to keep louvers where they belong.
  • Quality, made in the USA manufacturing that comes with one of the best warranties in the industry.

What’s Recommended for My Residence?

Whether you choose honeycomb window shades or plantation shutters from Louver Shop of Western Carolina, both are custom-made for your rooms. Here are a few other things to think over that can help you make a decision. We’ll also discuss your options during your free, in-home design consultation, where you can look at product samples from the comfort of your living room.


Good plantation shutters cost more than honeycomb shades. However, it’s essential to know that they’re made to last for a long time.


Both honeycomb shades and plantation shutters offer excellent light control and energy efficiency. However, honeycomb shades come in sheer fabrics so you can still enjoy your view of the outdoors.

Installation Location

Honeycomb shades are flexible and can be used just about anywhere in your house, including on specialty windows, skylights and sliding glass doors.

The same applies for plantation shutters, although you’ll want to consider material. Wood works best for dry, cool spaces while polymer is better to take on intense sun and moisture. They can also be made for doors with handles, including French doors.


Are you looking for eye-catching colors or timeless neutrals? Honeycomb shades can be customized in the widest collection of colors, patterns and textures, while plantation shutters are the most classic style. White plantation shutters and black plantation shutters are both best-selling options.

Operating System

Honeycomb shades can be customized with the most operating systems, such as no cords and smart. But while shades can only operate up or down, you can slide or fold your plantation shutters to the side with bypass or bifold frames.

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