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How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost?

When you create custom plantation shutters, you’re making a big investment in your Spartanburg house. Premium shutters are a longtime classic that can last for years and could even improve your residence’s resale value. When considered against other window treatments, they deliver unmatched light management and energy efficiency.

Since plantation shutters are a lifetime window treatment, they are often more expensive. So, we realize you likely have a lot of questions about how expensive plantation shutters are! This is often the first query our designers receive during a free consultation.

It’s important to note that many different aspects affect how much your shutters will cost. Some of these involve your window size and shape, the materials you choose and what customization solutions you are looking for.

At Louver Shop of Western Carolina, we create our shutters specifically to correspond with your windows. And it’s our aim to make creating custom shutters an easy and even enjoyable process. It all starts during a free consultation, where you’ll get our Louver Shop Complete Comfort Pricing™ quote. That way, you’ll know just how much your project will be. There’s zero surprise fees or last-ditch charges.

As you put together your next window treatment project, we’ve compiled some national averages to help make the process a little bit less complicated.

Average Expense for Wood Plantation Shutters

When you picture plantation shutters, you’ll typically picture wood shutters. These are the most characteristic model of interior shutters, and fine ones, like ones manufactured by Louver Shop of Western Carolina include furniture-grade basswood. This wood is very light, making it a great solution for shutters on wide windows in your living room, bedroom or any space with not a lot of humidity.

Based on national averages compiled by HomeAdvisor and HomeGuide, wood shutters typically run between $200–$400 per panel, or $400-$800 per standard 3’ x 5’ window. Your precise cost may be less or more, subject to your unique house, its type of windows and its window proportions.

Average Expense for Polymer Shutters

On account of the material they’re made from, polymer plantation shutters are fantastic for rooms with harsh sunlight or heavy humidity. Polymer can withstand these elements without bending, cracking or yellowing, all while insulating up to three times more superior than wood.

But not all polymer shutters are the same. Some are hollow, which means they’ll lose their shape over time. At Louver Shop of Western Carolina, we manufacture these shutters using an exclusive polymer that’s thick yet lightweight, offering you many years of simple performance.

Because these shutters are synthetic, they’re slightly less than wood. Polymer runs about $200–$300 per panel, or $400-$600 per standard 3’ x 5’ window, based on national averages put together by HomeAdvisor and HomeGuide. You may end up being charged less or more, because expenses are linked to window styles and measurements.

Other Costs to Think Over When Purchasing Plantation Shutters

Typically, most homeowners in the U.S. spend approximately $1,450 and $3,360 on plantation shutters for their house, according to HomeGuide. The national average is usually $2,350.

Another expense to consider with plantation shutters is installation since these window treatments are permanently secured to the window frame. Other companies usually bill you for installation, which can run as expensive as $100 per hour, according to HomeAdvisor. At Louver Shop of Western Carolina, you’ll enjoy free standard installation from our factory-trained pros.

When you work with Louver Shop of Western Carolina, you’ll also get access to special pricing and financing for qualified customers that will make your new plantation shutters work with your budget. Talk with your local consultant for more details during your free consultation.

There’s a reason why Louver Shop of Western Carolina is the number one choice for plantation shutters. We bring all the styles to your residence during your consultation, and then our professionals will handle all the hard work from then on.

We’re pleased to provide an uncomplicated ordering process and fast turnaround¬—typically in merely less than three weeks. But our work doesn’t quit there. We stand behind our shutters with one of the greatest limited lifetime warranties out there. Ready to get started creating yours? Contact us at 888-428-1415 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation right away!