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Louver Shop Joins the Spring 2021 One Room Challenge

Check out the spring 2021 One Room Challenge™! Sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens, Louver Shop joins a group of premium home décor products and brand sponsors. We’ve worked with a hand-selected designer to revamp a room while a nationwide audience keeps up with their progress.

Better Homes & Gardens sponsors the One Room Challenge twice each year during the spring and fall. Twenty design influencers are brought in as Featured Designers to overhaul a space across eight weeks in their houses. Each Wednesday, the designers show off their process while sharing inspiration, sources and professional advice. For the spring 2021 event, their interior design is finished by June 24. Louver Shop is proud to offer our window treatments for use in this year’s challenge.

Susan Hill Interior Design wants quality window treatments for her family’s gaming room to convey both beautiful design and intuitive functionality. As the #1 American-made shutter brand, Louver Shop was the ideal pick. Craig Amick with Louver Shop of Charlotte collaborated directly with Susan in creating the perfect custom shutters. They have been made particularly with Susan’s vision in mind to bring the room to life.

Louver Shop of Western Carolina can help you in a similar way. Upgrade your interior design with our wide variety of quality window treatments. Manufactured in the United States, durable materials bolster stunning design. Think over taking advantage of our free, in-home consultation. We transport the showroom floor right to you, comparing models and color options. Reach out to our staff at 888-428-1415 to arrange an appointment!

Meet Susan Hill, Our Featured Designer

Susan Hill is the CEO and Principal Designer of Susan Hill Interior Design. She is an award-winning licensed professional interior designer specializing in architectural and interior design in addition to construction. Examples of her work can be read about in many different publications.

Susan utilizes a “function first” approach for her designs. A given space is renovated around her client's unique lifestyle and business goals. Practicality melds together with a bold perspective, influenced by her extensive travels around the world. Clients have the opportunity to bring themselves more closely into their home décor where the final products reveal depth and confidence.

Winning the One Room Challenge

Susan’s ideas are detailed in her plan for her family’s game room—the room she’ll be revamping over the course of the One Room Challenge.


“When Better Homes & Gardens asked me to be a featured designer, my kids suggested right away that I change our playroom over to a gaming room,” Susan said. “I was excited when I saw Louver Shop was a sponsor, because shutters are the perfect way to be able to manage privacy and light.”

This partnership illustrates what creative talent can do with top sources. “My firm specializes in architectural design and construction,” Susan explained. “The majority of what we do is try to create a classic, clean foundation. We consider privacy treatments to be part of that.”

The design itself focuses on crisp horizontal lines while bursts of charcoal catch the eye (a specific request from Susan’s daughter) in the trim, outlet covers and a few furniture pieces. Susan will be including classic Louver Shop shutters with the PerfectView Louver Control System. By hiding the tilt bar from view, Susan’s horizontal lines stay smooth. Our custom plantation shutters provide functional sophistication, making them a good complement for these types of projects.

Susan values the simplicity. “I tend to follow the design principles that the Romans and Greeks executed so well—especially repetition. If I’ve got horizontal lines in a room, I prefer for those to be continuous so I can carry them throughout the room. Without the divider and vertical rod in the shutters, I’ll be able to have very clean lines while controlling the light in the room.”

What’s Next for Susan’s Design

Follow along as Louver Shop partners with Susan to bring her design to life. We’ll be sharing frequent updates from her project on Instagram.

You can also see Susan’s progress directly here:

  • Keep an eye out for weekly blogs on the Susan Hill Interior Design website
  • Be in the know with daily progress on Susan’s Instagram
  • Check out Susan’s inspiration on Pinterest

Add Custom Shutters to Your Own Design Today

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Whether you’re redecorating a whole room or just looking for the ideal finishing touch, Louver Shop of Western Carolina has a window treatment option for you. We’ve been making houses like yours attractive since 1972. Contact us at 888-428-1415 or schedule your free consultation online today!