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What's the Difference Between Blinds and Shades?

Shades and blinds are both excellent choices for window treatments in Spartanburg. Both offer stylish ways for managing light and boosting energy efficiency. But there are a few important discrepancies, which we’ll review below.

Selecting the best window treatment for your space can seem overwhelming. That’s why our Louver Shop of Western Carolina design professionals are here to assist you. We’ll go over all the options during a free consultation. You’ll get to view product samples and receive expert design guidance, all at no cost or obligation.

We feel that creating custom window treatments should be an easy and even enjoyable experience. So, you can trust our professionals to help from start to finish, from free consultation to professional installation.

In the meantime, let’s go over the discrepancies between blinds and shades.


Parkland Blinds Coastal 

Blinds are produced from a selection of materials, including wood, faux wood, metal. This window treatment has slats that shift to open or close. When lifted, the slats tidily stack together.

Some have a cord, but many come in cordless and automated options for easy operation. They’re budget-friendly, deliver outstanding light control and are simple to wipe down.

We carry all the most wanted styles, like horizontal blinds, vertical blinds and mini blinds.

Horizontal Blinds

If you are looking for of plantation shutters but have a limited budget, horizontal blinds are a great solution. They’re often called to as plantation blinds, since they include thick louvers like plantation shutters.

On the other hand, plantation shutters are a lifelong window treatment that’s installed within the frame. These shutters have wide wood or PVC louvers that move with a tilt bar. Depending on how you customize them, shutters can often be moved with a swinging or sliding motion.

When customizing your horizontal blinds, you can pick from 100% basswood, a popular material also used in plantation shutters. Or faux wood, which stands up to heat, humidity and warping.

Vertical Blinds

Our vertical blinds aren’t your mom’s vertical blinds. From sleek panels to soft fabric vertical blinds, you’re sure to discover a type that works with your home.

Gliding panels are a good solution if you live in a contemporary home with wide windows. These panels join neatly together when open and feature beautiful fabrics while drawn. With more than 600 fabrics available, you’re likely to find the best one for your needs.

We have three different kinds of vertical blinds in aluminum, vinyl and fabric finishes. It’s simple to include drapery-like feel to your rooms without the hassle of bulky curtains that are difficult to clean.

Mini Blinds

Mini blinds are an economical window treatment, but they’re simple to dust and attractive too. Since they’re made from aluminum, these durable blinds are great for busy or hot rooms in your house, like bathrooms, kitchens or laundry rooms. We offer an extensive range of contemporary metallic patterns together with optional features to stop more sunlight when drawn and increase your view during the time they’re open.


Nantucket Fabric Blinds 

Shades are drapery-like window treatments that suspend from a roll. When raised, they roll orderly at the top of the window, sometimes obscured inside a headrail. They’re frequently cordless, and a variety of models can be customized with an automated operating system for easy use and smart home compatibility.

When you imagine shades, you might see boring white window treatments with an unappealing roller. Up-to-date styles are much more attractive, useful and customizable. A lot are also even energy efficient.

We provide a wide collection of the most desired options, which include sheer shades, honeycomb shades, Roman shades and roller/solar shades.

Sheer Shades

If you can’t decide between shades and blinds, sheer shades are a good solution. These shades feature hovering vanes placed between two layers of fabric. The fabric panels turn bright sunlight into a welcoming glow. And the blinds give outstanding light control and privacy.

They come in both horizontal and vertical solutions, so you can install them around your residence. You can make them your own with our wide assortment of fabrics, vane thicknesses and upgrades, including room-darkening panels.

Honeycomb Shades

If you’re looking to improve your house’s energy efficiency, honeycomb shades are an outstanding option. These soft fabric shades have pockets that trap air at the windows, which are your residence’s biggest source of energy loss. These holes can also muffle more outdoor sounds, enabling you to unwind in peace. The result is a cozier residence and likely lower utility expenses.

Honeycomb shades are also a great method to manage light, since you can include special features for blackout or room-darkening performance. They’re available in horizontal and vertical solutions, so you can hang them all over your residence, even on specialty windows and skylights.

Roman Shades

Roman shades have the appearance of curtains but give all the convenience of a soft shade for horizontal windows. When moved up, they stack into tidy pleats. When lowered, they deliver outstanding light control, privacy and energy efficiency.

We sell a few styles, including honeycomb and real woven wood, so you can locate the ideal look for your house.

Roller and Solar Shades

Roller and solar shades offer modern style, fast cleaning and uncomplicated operation for horizontal windows. Available in a large collection of fabrics and opacities, these shades smoothly roll into sleek headrails. They even are offered in a honeycomb style, so you can boost your home’s energy efficiency while also making it look good.

Create Your Blinds or Shades with Pro Assistance from Louver Shop of Western Carolina

Blinds and shades are both great styles for your home. With the support of a window treatment pro like one from Louver Shop of Western Carolina, we can find the best style for your house.

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